Salt Booth

The Salt Booth is for you! Our salt booth provides a faster and more individualized Dry Salt Therapy experience. The lighted back wall of the booth is all salt! The booth has its own sound system with a set of headphones for vibroacoustic frequency therapy.

Benefits of Halotherapy in the Booth
- Stress relief
- Fewer headaches
- Increased focus
- Clearer thoughts
- Relief from seasonal allergies and depression
- Relief from congestion and asthma related coughs

A monthly pass for unlimited standard sessions in the booth is available. Experience it for the first time in a 10-minute standard session ($20) or a 20-minute detox session which has double the salt therapy ($25).

Parent and child sessions in the salt booth: For children, Dry Salt Therapy is not only safe, it is a highly recommended natural treatment. There are no harmful side effects. The treatment is suitable for children - as young as one-month-old, up to 9 years old. Children, in fact, respond to the therapy even more quickly than do adults. A parent/child session is 15 minutes and the cost is $30.

Before you book a session, please sign the waiver. After you have signed and submitted the waiver, return to this page to complete your reservation.

Select the date you want for your session, then the time slot. The booking program will display the availability for that day and time.

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