About Us

Experience your own slice of Outer Banks “down time” – a salt cave is a quiet, peaceful environment. Comfortable chairs and soft music and no electronics! Customers can kick back and relax with peace of mind and serenity, enjoying the unique décor and mindful breathing. Step into the salt!

Phyllis K. Miller and Selina N. Martin have teamed up to bring this alternative wellness option to the Outer Banks. Phyllis went to her first salt cave in Santa Fe, New Mexico and was immediately a fan. Many people experience noticeable relief of respiratory issues and skin conditions after their first session in a salt cave. Phyllis felt that this was an opportunity to help others with a holistic approach to wellness – salt is all natural.

Both Phyllis and Selina are long-time residents of the Outer Banks and look forward to offering halotherapy to the local community and to the many visitors to our wonderful area.