Enjoy 45 minutes of quiet relaxation in our Community Salt Cave Sessions.
Available at $35

These are public sessions that can hold up to 4 guests. Seats can be added if requested by larger groups, up to 8 people. Take a seat in one of the large, padded, zero-gravity chairs, lean back and relax. A brief explanation of dry salt therapy and its history will help you enjoy the experience. The lights will dim so that you can rest, breathe deeply and enjoy. In consideration of all our guests, please refrain from use of heavy perfume or cologne.

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Enjoy a rapid salt inhalation therapy session in the color/light/sound/salt therapy booth.

A 10-minute session for those in a rush, available at $20 per session. Also available: an unlimited monthly pass – stop in when you have time during our regular hours and give yourself this quick breathing treatment. $99/monthly/unlimited, not transferable.

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Mid-day mini sessions
Available at $20

Stop by at noon on any weekday (Tuesday – Friday) for a mid-day mini session in the Community Salt Cave – these are 30-minute sessions, starting at noon – a quick salt treatment and still time for lunch – come see us in the salt!