Event: Reiki! Relax, Unwind, De-Stress, August 9, 2022, 6 – 7 pm

Reiki and Halotherapy:

The end of Summer is creeping closer! Soon we will be thinking about cooler weather. In the meantime, enjoy the ocean breezes and watch the calming waves roll in to the shore. The Pink Moon (Sturgeon Moon) will be full on August 11th. Come and set your intentions for this next cycle with a mindful session of Reiki and Halotherapy. Refresh and renew yourself while experiencing the transfer of universal Reiki energy with Reiki Master Roxanne Valdivieso and Cathie Morrison. They will guide you in a short meditation, help you focus on your breathing, and help you release tension and stress. In the serene Salt Cave, relax and enjoy the respiratory benefits of Halotherapy and focus on your well-being.

There are 8 seats available for this special session. We look forward to seeing you! Step into the Salt!

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