Event: Coming Events: A Monthly Series of Reiki in the Salt Chakra-Focused Sessions

The Outer Banks Salt Cave is pleased to welcome Roxanne Valdivieso and Cathie Morrison offering the first “Reiki Chakra Series in the Salt” sessions of 2020, focusing on the 7 Chakras. Learn about the location and associated characteristics of each of the 7 chakras, as well as the mantras and mudras, elements and stones that correlate with each energy center.
Experience Halotherapy and Reiki Energy with a guided meditation focusing on the “chakra of the month.” Halotherapy is the inhalation of dry salt particles that help cleanse the body’s respiratory system. Reiki is universal life force energy channeled through the practitioners’ hands. The combination will soothe and relax you and balance the body physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. The sessions will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, beginning in February with the Root Chakra and ending in August with the Crown Chakra.

Participants will receive a chakra-appropriate stone to keep during each session. When the series concludes, participants will have their own personal set of 7 chakra stones, charged with reiki energy to use for balancing and/or healing their chakras.

Eight spaces are available for the events; please book and pre-pay online to guarantee your place. Cost is $60 per person. The events begin promptly at 6 pm. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early.
Please join us at the Outer Banks Salt Cave and step into the salt!

The Series and Dates/Times

  • February 11 – 6 PM – Root Chakra (Red Jasper)
  • March 10 – 6 PM – Sacral Chakra (Orange Calcite)
  • April 14 – 6 PM – Solar Plexus Chakra (Tiger’s Eye)
  • May 12 – 6 PM – Heart Chakra (Aventurine or Rose Quartz)
  • June 9 – 6 PM – Throat Chakra (Amethyst)
  • July 14 – 6 PM – Third Eye Chakra (Sodalite or Lapis Lazuli)
  • August 11 – 6 PM – Crown Chakra (Clear Quartz)